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How to Embed Google Reviews On Your Website: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have it, you must show it!

If you have an excellent online Google reputation, showing it on your website or digital assets makes sense. Showing testimonials not only builds the trust quotient but also helps in SEO. In this article, discover how to leverage the power of customer feedback to enhance your online reputation and build trust with potential clients.


Reasons to Embed Google Reviews?

Check it out: adding Google Reviews to your website is seriously smart. Just look at these stats:

89% of people check out reviews before taking any decision
– And get this 79% of people trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends.

But wait, there’s more! Having those Google reviews right on your site can seriously boost your biz in some cool ways.

Google Reviews are a game-changer for your online reputation. They shout to the world, “Look at all these happy customers!” Potential customers love seeing positive reviews, which builds trust and encourages them to give your brand a shot. Plus, good reviews can boost your visibility in Google searches through SEO. It’s all about sending those good vibes to your customers!


1. Social Proof

Reviews on your site show that real people love your stuff, which helps others feel confident in choosing you. Showing the social proof you have collected on various review platforms on your website is a crucial way to enhance your brand reputation.

2. Drive Purchase Decisions

Think of reviews on your website as your secret sales team. They can be the final push someone needs to hit that “buy” button, especially when they trust reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

3. Increase Trust

Show off those shining reviews to boost trust in your brand. It’s like giving your business a high-five for being awesome!

4. SEO Benefits

Did you know reviews can help your website rank higher in Google searches? Embedding reviews on your website is a low-hanging fruit that boosts SEO.

So, let those reviews shine – they’re like your website’s best accessory!


Where to Embed Google Reviews on Your Website?

Sure thing! Embedding Google Reviews onto your website can be a great idea!  Following are some ideas to help you know where to embed the reviews –

– You could create a unique page just for reviews and testimonials,

– Or have a smaller review section on your homepage or

– At the bottom of different pages can be a great place too to display the love from your customers

– The “About Us” page could be another sweet spot for showing off those glowing reviews


“Incase you are running any Google Ads campaign – you can showcase it on the landing page to raise the trust quotient for your prospects.”


– We have also seen using trust badges on your website, and landing pages greatly help in the decision-making of your customer


How do you embed Google reviews on your Website?

You typically rely on plugins or widgets to embed Google Reviews on your website. Here’s a general guide:

  • Select a widget that suits your needs.
  • Register an account on the chosen widget platform.
  • Integrate Google as a review source, which might involve several setup steps.
  • Use the widget to generate the embed code.
  • Copy the provided code snippet.
  • Paste the code into the relevant section of your HTML website

Alright, here’s the deal—adding Google Reviews to your website is usually pretty easy, mainly if you use a top-rated widget. Look for ones with good ratings and reviews—that’s always a solid move for security and

The process is pretty similar no matter what platform your website is on—whether it’s WordPress, custom-made, or even built by a pro. You might have to hunt around a bit for where to slap in that embed code, but most website builders make it pretty user-friendly.


Begin Gathering Reviews with Telosa: Steps to Embed Google Reviews to Your Website Using Telosa?

Hey, guess what? You can style up your widget in Telosa! It’s like giving your website its unique style! You’ve got many options – tweak the font size, play with the font color, and even switch up the background colors and widget styles. It’s like giving your website a makeover, but it’s way more manageable! So go ahead, get creative, and make your widget pop!

Congratulations!! As shown above, you have set reviews on your website from Telosa in quick and easy steps.

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