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An all-in-all platform to boost your online reputation and local presence

Create and promote great customer experiences. Let your happy audience choose your services based on the many exciting and adventurous experiences you’ve encountered.

Our Belief

We strive to convert customer experience into the backbone of every business. Telosa dreams to help every business – single location/multi-location, small/large, to establish their Online Reputation and Local SEO.

Our Service. Our Dignity

Our style of work is what sets us apart. Be it support or integration, we are obsessed with striving for the best reputation platform.

We Value Our Customers

Telosa never underestimates its clients. What they say, think, believe, everything matters.

Innovation and Curation

We are innovators. We are curators. We brainstorm and develop ideas that concur with our customers’ faith and trust. We strive to develop further at every stage and add new features at every opportunity.

If you’re just as excited as we are, explore our services and match your requirements.

Manage feedback from reviews, likes, listings,
and QnA into your Leads. – Just from One Platform!