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How to use review marketing to grow business?

Who doesn’t want business growth? You need to think about everything when you have a fresh venture idea to set up, starting from its sustenance to credibility and authenticity.

And what builds a brand authentic and credible? That is exactly what we are going to talk about.

A qualtrics survey shows that about 93% of consumers are attracted to a brand or product with enough reviews to display. Additionally, according to BrightLocal, about 85% of consumers trust online platform reviews to trust brands, especially local businesses.

Moreover, almost half the population wants to trust a product having 4 stars and above before purchasing them. This is one reason why businesses are shifting towards Online Review Management Tool.


What do we mean by the term “Online Reviews”?

An online review is what your business portrays about itself to the world. In simpler terms, online reviews or customer reviews are feedback meant for your products or services and the overall performance you offer to the market. Any business which has listed itself in Google My Business must maintain its reviews and stars for high ranking and other SEO factors.


Importance of Online Reviews

Personal recommendations are the second most trustworthy element of advertisement in marketing processes. Customer trust keeps fading when there’s low talk in and around a business. Customers go through a business website only after reading positive reviews.

Although both positive and negative reviews are equally important for business growth, when you have the mind map, let’s take you through some important bulletins that explain how to use review marketing to grow business?’


Gaining Valuable Customer Reviews

A satisfied customer is the real “queen” in the chess of marketing. They are a part of your success story, and that’s how you develop a loyal relationship embedded with trust.

1. Seek ’em Out

Let’s be practical! All of us are busy in some way or other. We need to be reminded of our tasks repeatedly in order to complete them on time. Similar is the case with your    customers.

No matter how much they love your products or services, not all of them remember to put their reviews on your website. Leverage a review collection software to collect customer      feedback timely, without stressing much about manual tasks. According to BrightLocal,

70% of your customers will leave you reviews only when they are encouraged to do so. Online review tools are much more advanced in today’s time to customize your message, reply, template, etc.

2. Asking the customers in person

When you work as a customer account executive or a customer manager in an organization, don’t hesitate to seek their feedback. You can even add a personal touch to keep it more loyal and authentic by sending personalized messages. Show them how you value their opinion and appreciate them helping you improve.

      Going all traditional with Emailing

Emailing can feel less influential as customers often check emails lately unless it’s urgent. Make sure it’s not sent into the spam folder, which can kill all your chances of getting those little number of responses. Although emailing can give you a late result, it still works in many fields where you manage to grab their attention through creative methods.

Texting them

Text messages are considered more flexible, convenient, and seamless. Texts can be sent to customers right from the time they make a purchase. The automated texting feature by Telosa is one such royalty to boost customer reviews. Leave a link for them, and you’ll be filled with wonders as customers leave their reviews and rate your business.

Creative surveys

Businesses are now being more creative and innovative when seeking feedback. Organizing surveys and offering them back with incentives like free products or services is a good way to capture leads. Surveys are filled with questions that may look like a review form with valuable options to choose from. That way, you get to accomplish two tasks at a time.

Start using a Customer feedback management software

   When it comes to search rankings, search engines are very determined to follow the reviews that make up your stars.

   Leverage online review management software that has automated features to collect feedback. Review collection assures recent ratings and reviews, which further helps  in building your rank on Google’s Local Snack Pack. Attributes like ‘Proximity’, ‘Relevance’, and ‘Prominence’ are important factors in Google’s local search rankings.

Proximity : Google is smart and keeps updating its local algorithms to ensure relevance in search results. Proximity refers to how distant a search result is from the user’s location. And when the location isn’t mentioned, Google calculates the location based on the user.

– Relevance: Prominence on the other hand refers to how well your business is known to the world. It is based on information such as links, articles, web result position, review count, rating score, etc.

– Prominence:  Relevance is all about how well your business profile matches a search result or a search query. Therefore, optimize your Google My Business listing, Bing Places listing, or Yahoo local listing with basic components such as keywords (Best, Most Valuable, Lovely, etc.), name, address, phone number.

3. Post your reviews on social media platforms

Your customers are everywhere. Sharing reviews is equal to expanding your business to all those devices that’ll come in contact with you.

The list never gets low on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Facebook has around 4.2 billion active monthly users, which is, therefore, a major marketing strategy for marketers.

You can start utilizing your loyal customer reviews by sharing them on your business’s social media pages. Once you receive reviews, you can retweet or reshare them on other social media platforms. That’s what our reputation management software does.  Telosa ensures your brand reputation by resharing your feedback on top review sites and social media platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

4. Set reviews as testimonials on your website

One of the most creative ways to attract your customers and regular visitors is through showcasing your positive feedback on your home page. Since 86% of your customers and audience wish to see authentic comments, your website is definitely the best exhibitor.

A direct approach, this powerful strategy provides customers a reason to discover more about you, your site, your products, and your services. Online customer review software has initiated automated features only to make the work effortless and easy.

5. Make it easier for them to review

It is common psychology – people do not want to choose the complex way just for a small task. In a brief way, your customers won’t bother using that extra step just to out a product/service review. The lesser the work, the more feedback you’ll receive. That is why customer feedback management software is important for review collection.

Remember to keep it user-friendly and definitely include star ratings since many believe in propagating their words using the stars.

6. Thank your customers

You are not done just after customers put in their reviews. Come on, you want to give them the best experience throughout their journey with you. The least you can do is to thank them and even try offering them a small incentive.

Moreover, you must also maintain the response time accordingly. Be it positive reviews or negative reviews, make sure you are responding to both of them in a timely manner. That eventually shows how you value your customers and constantly push yourselves towards betterment.

With that, you can attract more audiences through word-of-mouth and social appearances. Read this article that enlists ways on how to respond to negative customer reviews.

7. Satisfy your customer requirements

Nothing can impress your potential audience more than meeting their expectations and requirements. When there are similar options to choose from, customers want to go with the unique choice. All they want is a good experience.

So when you have fully analyzed the market and the problems, you can start with innovating creative ideas to attract potential consumers on your side. If not anything else, make your customers happy when they need you the most.

If you wish to collect positive reviews, work according to what’s necessary for your survival and their satisfaction. Make sure to keep them engaged with good content and exciting activities. That way, they would stick to your website and never leave the house.



The Bottom Line

Reviews are something that audiences prefer a lot before making the final decision. While you can try many more ways in reviewing marketing to grow your business, every method is worth an ounce.

Telosa is one of a kind when it comes to helping businesses grow and expand globally. All our clients do is to bring in the deal and trust our professionalism. We leverage every unique and creative way to rank you at the top position in search engines, starting from surveys to boosting your positive reviews.


Happy Selling!

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